Level 25 Horde · 324 members
World of Warcraft
Realm Rank 25
Region Rank 3532
World Rank 12253

In WoD the guild switched to Mumble hosted by TypeFrag and enjoyed its features. We also migrated our text chat From GroupMe to #Slack. These both served us well however a new contender has entered the market place.

Discord - https://discordapp.com/

It is in early release at this time and offers the easiest registration options of any of the products we have used before. In addition to this it couples the benefits of Slack & Mumble in one with the price tag of FREE.

That right high quality easy to use VOIP service with the awesome mobile chat experience - both of which are available cross platform.

Log into any of the guilds Clan presences or in slack chat to get the invite link.

EightySixed of StormScale is taking a break‬ from WoW‬ Raiding‬ due to the Blizzcon‬ World of Warcraft: Legion's release‬ announcement and the drought in content. We achived our goal of completing Heroic content while it is relevant and do not wish to make the investment for Mythic HFC content. The expected release date is before September 2016 leaving up to a 10 months void in new content.

The guild will remain active as a community and can be communicated with across all games. Please join us out of WoW via ‪#‎Slack‬ team chat to sync up our gaming activities and keep our established community together and active via Diablo III, StarCraft, Heroes of the Storm, etc etc etc (contact admin for invite to #Slack or for ingame Clans or Communities).

Guild Activities will be restored to calendar soon after Legions Launch or as otherwise scheduled via #Slack conversations and member interest.

Again the guild will remain active, just not with regularly scheduled raiding activities. Guild communications should be primarily handled via #Slack. To request an invite email StormScale86d@gmail.com.